Military service

Next week I will go to my military service finally. I have been waiting for a long while. Actually because some special reason, I will not go to marine. Instead alternative service is what I will take. But now I have no mood for it… I feel so sorrow. What I can do is too small to do any help.


Rent a work station…

I am thinking about renting a work station for me to test or play some interesting technique. Although now I can use NCTU work station, but I need the authority to administrate. Besides I can upload some documents for  conservation.  Hm…. I would ask someone to rent it together!

2008/05/13 兵役抽簽

今天去區公所抽簽,160隻簽裡面,只有16隻的海陸,怎麼我偏偏就抽到海陸….,虧我之前還在笑別人抽到簽王= =,最後抽完還被國軍慫恿去考自願役…sigh….

[Python] Sudoku Solver

之前在玩Sudoku, 剛好這兩天有空閒,就用python來寫一寫,順便玩了一下wxPython來做GUI,只要輸入盤面就可以顯示解答,也用了一下官方的IDE–IDLE,還是沒有vim順手XD,不過堪用就是~ 回到台灣後好久沒寫程式了,難得玩一下,很久沒用python了,都快忘光光了= =””, 不過寫這種暴搜似乎還是用C比較合我的口味~
以下是screen shot: