The electronic book is getting more and more realitic! Take a look at the News and demo. I am really interested in this! If the price is getting low, I think I will buy one. Because it’s quite tired reading the book on screen. The appearance of this product is more fasion than amazon’s kindle.  And the Plastic Logic’s ebook can be bend and much thiner 😀


[Google] Picasa new feature!

I just found out that google’s album has a new feature about face focus tag. It means you can use face to tag the picture! At the beginning, it needs some time to process all pictures to find out all face. After this, you can start to tag the picture :p.

Cool news!


I just see a news from digg, it said that Search_Wikia is an open source project for search engine. And I think it’s really cool because the goal of this project is try to build a quality search engine which is transparency. The founder want believes that it’s important to know how the algorithm works, since each algorithm makes an editorial statement. And it will provide the user with the ranking for the result! By this project, I think i can learn something about search engine XD.